Knowledge Alliances Showroom

Location: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, Octogon, Room 1

During the lunch break of day 1, representatives of the following Knowledge Alliances will display and explain interesting features of their projects:

  • e-nspiration – Energy related multidisciplinary Knowledge Alliance aiming to introduce an innovative training programme
  • EURL3A - European Real Life Learning Lab Alliances
  • dCCDFLITE - Concurrent Design Framework for eLearning in IT Entrepreneurship
  • UC-Crowd - Universities-Companies Crowdsourcing
  • HEKATE - Higher Education and Enterprises: Knowledge Alliances for the Training of Entrepreneurs
  • Le@d3.0 Academy: WEB3.0 and OER for e-TRAINERS and NEW e-LEADERS
  • SCIENT – A European University-Business Alliance aiming to foster young SCIEntists’ ENTrepreneurial spirit
  • PROMOTE - Promoting and Validating Key Competences in Mobility and Traineeships in Europe
  • ENDuRE - European Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship
  • SHIP - SME and Higher Education Institutes in Innovation Partnerships
  • TECLO - Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance: Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies
  • CASE - Competencies for A sustainable Socio Economic development
  • EuFooD-STA - European Food Studies & Training Alliance
  • FOODLAB - IDEFI Ecotrophelia - European Foodbusiness Transfer Laboratory for stimulating entrepreneurial skills, for fostering innovation and for business creation in the Food Sector
  • VALS - Virtual Alliances for Learning Society
  • LIAT-Ph - Linking Industry and Academia in Teaching Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture
  • Fincoda- Framework for Innovation competencies development and assessment