Anne Aubert

I have a PhD in Neurosciences (1990) obtained after a Master in Respiratory physiology (1986) and a bachelor in Marine Biology. After 6 years as research associate, first at Tulane University in the dpts of Pharmacology and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (from mai 1990 to August 1994), and then at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (USA) in the dpt of Otolaryngology, I had the opportunity to join in 1996 the newly created University of La Rochelle as a lecturer and researcher in Animal Physiology and Neurosciences. I was always concerned about orientation and career guidance for students in higher education and at the same time about the difficulties encountered by adults who wanted to return to training in order to improve their skills or acquired new ones. I thus created various activities and processes in order to help those publics and through this I became Vice-president in charge of the Careers Development Service. This gave me the opportunity to create a joint department within the University of La Rochelle for orientation and career development for both students and adults. Meanwhile, I became a member of the network of directors of French universities vocational training services (since 2007) and President of the national network of directors for the French universities career centers (2012-2015). Still a lecturer in La Rochelle I accepted, in February 2015, to work for the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research as a Project manager for Lifelong Learning Strategies in Higher Education.