Olívia Schubert

Olívia Schubert studied at University of Janus Pannonius in Pécs and at University of Pázmány Péter in Budapest. She also broadened her knowledge at University of Köln, where she learned German language and literature. She specialized in science of politics, eastern law/ jurisprudence and history of eastern Europe. She qualified as an expert of European Studies. 2012 she graduated from National University of Public Service and became an Expert in International Public Service. In 2012 she was promoted to the Head of Educational and Academic Cooperation at Audi Hungaria. The main activity of the department is the coordination of the Audi Hungaria School. Thanks to the continual development, students have the opportunity to study under advanced circumstances. Possibility is also given to the children to start learning German in the nursery school. The other main function of the Educational and Academic Cooperation is to enhance the cooperation with the universities. Collective projects of Research and Development are good examples. Furthermore, in 2015 dual education system started between Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd. and University of Széchenyi István. With this new project, the supply of employees in the future is insured.