Dominik Schmitz

Dominik Schmitz is Senior Scientist at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He works at the Centre for global Change and Sustainability. On the one hand he was setting up and is managing the BOKU carbon offsetting scheme. The aim of this system is to support private companies and individuals to offset their CO2 emissions by financing long term, innovative, university managed CO2 offset projects in least developed countries. So far the university has started 4 climate projects with total project development costs of 800.000€.

One the other hand he is teaching entrepreneurship for social and sustainable start-up ideas. As such he has supported and co-developed more than 30 student start up initiatives. As a result of his course and support several student enterprises had been funded.

Beside his 50% position at the university he is partner and business developer for the solar energy start-up Swimsol. Before joining the university in 2011 Dominik worked in the private sector and as freelancer to develop international UN climate mitigation projects.