José Pietri

José is an acknowledged Innovation Expert (as witnessed by his time with INSEAD), and an experienced provider of innovation training to start-up and existing businesses. In his role of Chief Executive of Mindshare he is also co- author of the original IIME (Introducing Innovation in Micro Enterprises) innovation materials and also contributed to a number of other EC projects. MindShare Consulting was founded by José Pietri in 1994. At the time Mr. Pietri was transitioning from a 17-year career at IBM (USA) that had been focused on mid-range systems and SMEs. The original focus of MindShare was advanced facilitation and meeting services using innovative tools (he was an early proponent, user and champion of the innovative ThinkTank applications). In Europe this quickly expanded to focused consulting, especially related to education and training concerned with change and innovation management and leadership. A multi-year collaboration with INSEAD (at CALT – The Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies) has led to his involvement in the European-wide deployment of the EIS Change and Innovation Management Workshop. His work is conducted in English, French and Spanish. Most current clients are in Europe, although some activities have also taken place in Puerto Rico (his birthplace).