Dr. Barbara Stöttinger

Dr. Barbara Stöttinger is Dean of the WU Executive Academy, the business school of WU Vienna. The WU EA executive education portfolio includes MBA and Master of Laws programs, university certificate programs, corporate programs and open programs. In recent years, the WU EA has become one of the leading executive education providers in the heart of Europe. Dr. Stöttinger is also Associate Professor at the Institute of International Marketing Management (WU Vienna). Prior to joining the WU Vienna, she gained industry experience as a product group manager in the consumer electronics industry and in consulting. She has extensive experience as a lecturer and executive educator in Marketing and International Marketing in North America, Europe and Asia for which she received several outstanding teaching awards. Her research focus lies on international marketing issues (e.g., exporting, consumer behavior). Her work was published in leading journals such as Journal of International Marketing, Business Horizons, International Business Review, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Consumer Behavior or International Marketing Review. She serves as reviewer for top journals, on editorial boards and is co-author of a textbook in Global Marketing Management.