PhD Mikael Scherdin

Mikael Scherdin is a double-career performer: he is running academic studies as well as practicing entrepreneurship with own start-ups in several business sectors (IT, Art and Design, Content Production and Social Entrepreneurship). He has always worked in the gaps, between fields where the interesting things are happening. Quite natural – why not add something where is plenty of? Entrepreneurship is to him about unique combinations paired with stepping into new areas. He is currently the Director of Entrepreneurship Lab and holds an Assistant Professorship of Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University in Sweden. In that position, he has developed a new teaching format for several years, and paired it with walking into new areas. This is not that revolutionary – this is just a new combination He has set up the Entrepreneurship Lab by using all his skills, experience and knowledge while designing methodology, pedagogy and layout. The Entrepreneurship Lab addresses creativity, crafting and mind-setting – all based on academic grounds but taken into a true practicality which is an add-on to existing theoretical and classic teaching, with regional development as a result. Therefore, for the years to come, his focus is on expanding the Entrepreneurship Lab into several regions and universities in Northern Europe.