Dr. Salla Huttunen

Prior to launching a new career in the academia in 2012, Salla Huttunen worked some 20+ years in business, most recently at Nokia for more than 12 years. She is a seasoned communications professional with a strong background in technical product management and software localization. While working at Nokia, Salla Huttunen took on a PhD project and successfully defended her doctoral thesis in 2010. Her longitudinal study was concerned with knowing, sense-making, problem-solving, and learning in organizational meetings. In particular, the study addressed the challenges and opportunities that multiple understandings (spread across meetings and participants) can create. In her current role as Director of Digital Business – a unit providing education in ICT, administration and journalism/communication – Salla Huttunen drives projects that aim at developing curricula, new forms of learning and pedagogical solutions (contact, online, offline), and new forms of specialization education. This work involves constant interaction with businesses and public administration alike as studies are more and more integrated with actual work life.