Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann

Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann was born in 1963 in Austria. He studied Business Administration and Economics at the Universities of Linz and Innsbruck and International Relations at the Johns Hopkins University in Bologna. Having received his doctoral degree in Public Finance from the University of Innsbruck in 1993, Andreas Altmann embarked on his academic career as a postdoctoral researcher first at the Department of Public Finance and later on at the Department of Strategic Management. There he got involved building up a new school from scratch, now known as MCI Management Center Innsbruck – The Entrepreneurial School®, under the umbrella of the University of Innsbruck, the Federal State of Tyrol, the City of Innsbruck, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Labor and the Association of Industrialists. He was appointed as its first director in 1995 and has since then with expanded MCI into an internationally acknowledged autonomous university institution with currently 3,000 students, 1,000 faculty and staff, 200 partner universities, thousands of successful alumni around the globe, several spin-offs and numerous academic awards. Andreas Altmann’s expertise is valued in a variety of boards, councils and bodies both in the academic and the business sector. Andreas Altmann’s research, teaching and speaking activities mainly focus on management, innovation, governance and economic affairs in the higher education sector.