Kathrin Treutinger, Msc

Kathrin Treutinger is a doctoral candidate at the RWTH Aachen and research assistant at Innsbruck University. Within her academic work she conducts research in the field of entrepreneurship education and teaches entrepreneurship at university. Being passionate about entrepreneurship, Kathrin became an entrepreneur herself and co-founded the NGO AMPION in 2014. AMPION runs startup buses throughout Africa to foster tech-entrepreneurship among local and international people. In 2015 she also founded her first very own startup Skinnovation, which combines entrepreneurship with skiing. The flagship activity is a three-day startup event in the Austrian Alps. Since living in Innsbruck, Kathrin runs a little Airbnb hotel and hosted more than 250 people this year. Besides her startup experiences, Kathrin worked for the HYVE Innovation Community in Munich and consulted companies on open innovation. Kathrin also volunteered for various social organisations such as in the UK where she lived for more than a year in a community together with handicapped people or in the Ivory Coast where she worked with teenagers from difficult family backgrounds and young prisoners. Kathrin holds a bachelor’s degree in international business administration and a master’s degree in marketing management from the Rotterdam School of Management.