Prof. Dr. Ute Goetzen

Born 1965 in Kleve / Germany, Prof. Goetzen is Head of Dual Studies of Volkswagen Group transferring the idea of dual studies to Group locations worldwide. During her whole career she has combined various theoretical and practical phases within the business field, later on with a strong focus on Personnel Management.

After having accomplished an apprenticeship program in foreign trade and studies of Business Administration at the Universities of Münster and Mannheim 1992 she was in charge of several personnel functions within ThyssenKrupp Group: in Germany and abroad, at the corporate office as well as in producing plants. Only then she decided to write her doctoral thesis about the experienced modernization process within her company and its success factors. Meanwhile she published articles about corporate culture in various companies together with Bertelsmann Stiftung and Boeckler Stiftung. Being appointed professor of Personnel Management at University of Applied Sciences Dresden in 2003 was the following step, which included company-oriented research next to teaching. The change back to the industry (to Volkswagen AG) in 2009 with responsibilities for University Cooperations, for the Institute of Labour and Personnel Management – both at AutoUni - and now for Dual Studies strengthened her activities as a boundary spanner between the company and the academic world.